Ekapu John Robert's Songs


Ekunyuk - The Squirrel and the Farmer

吀爀愀挀欀 ㄀
(唀渀欀渀漀眀渀 愀氀戀甀洀 ⠀ 㤀开 ㈀开㈀ ㄀㄀ ㄀㘀开 )

This is local reggae music. It is sung using the Ateso language
from the eastern part of Uganda (Soroti). The song tells a story about an animal called a squirrel.
Uganda is an agricultural country and 80% of the population is employed in the sector. However, there are a number of factors that hinder the production of food, including hot weather, pests and animals which have continued destroying the farmers' crops. A squirrel is a small fast animal that likes eating groundnuts when still in the garden soil.
In the season of harvest, the squirrel ate almost every groundnut in the garden and the farmer ended up crying, "Hey squirrel, why have you finished my groundnuts in the garden? Oh squirrel leave my ground nuts alone.”


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