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About My Professional Work


I am a social worker by profession and I was also able to complete my Masters in Development Management. I have so far worked with street children for over 10 years. I was involved in withdrawing vulnerable street children and putting them into the Kids In Need [K.I.N.] rehabilitation independent centres in Kampla, for both boys and girls. Each centre contained over 50 children and a number of other staff. The rehabilitation of withdrawn children could take over one year, then they were re-integrated into their original families and followed up with alternative assistance/support such as nutrition, education, medication, counselling and skills training among others.


The two Centres have depended on the donors who provide  assistance to the poor children. The Centres from 2007 have been able to access assistance from Mr. Ewan McVicar. He also helped the improvement of the musical skills in children. A quantity of musical equipment was donated and used for recording and training music ex-street children. We publicly send our appreciation to him for the great assistance.

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