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Who I Am

My name is EKAPU JOHN ROBERT and my stage name according to children is R. John. I am a Ugandan by nationality and Itesot by tribe. Iteso are a group of people that are found in the Eastern region of Uganda.
It is a tribe that is described to be most humble among all the tribes. Teso region has faced a lot of calamities caused by Karamajong warriors who believe in raiding animals by forcefully attacking using guns. Iteso were affected because they are herdsmen, so the Karamajong warriors could come with guns to raid the animals. The region was therefore left in an impoverished state. The situation enticed me to get involved in charitable work as described on this site.

So this site is about me, my work and my songs.

(This site is in development. You can hear and read about Ekapu John Robert's songs now, other information will be added.) 


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